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Grate 36 Fireplace Grate

Starts at $3,495.00
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Fireplace Grate 36, a modern take on the traditional.

Grate 36’s bold appearance and long elegant flame make it the ideal choice for bringing life back to an old unused fireplace.

Designed for those looking to make an impact when designing a fireplace, Grate 36 is sturdily constructed from Fluid Concrete Technology in a modern graphite concrete colour, and holds the XL700 Burner.

The Grate 36 complies with the ACCC Safety Mandate.

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Graphite Backorder: 8-12 wks
Graphite  - Studio Image by MAD Design Group

Included Accessories

  • Fire Lighter
  • Lighting Rod
  • Jerry Can 5L
  • Bottle Adaptor
  • XL Baffles

Add e-NRG Bioethanol

How much fuel do I need?
e-NRG Bioethanol Bioethanol Fuel - Studio Image by MAD Design Group
e-NRG Bioethanol In Stock: Ready to ship From $190.00
  • 40L 2 cartons +$190.00
  • 60L 3 cartons +$285.00
  • 80L 4 cartons +$380.00
  • 100L 5 cartons +$475.00
  • 120L 6 cartons +$570.00
  • 140L 7 cartons +$665.00
  • 160L 8 cartons +$760.00
  • 180L 9 cartons +$855.00
  • 200L 10 cartons +$950.00

Order Summary

$3,495.00 Prices include GST* Tax Information
$140.00 Standard Delivery* Shipping Information
Unspecified Unspecified Ship Times
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* Prices include GST. Tax Information * Standard Shipping provides ground delivery to the curb. Shipping Information * All times, dates, and inventory levels are subject to change at anytime.


Key Features

Minimum Fuss

Delivering the ambience of an open fire – but minus the mess, odour, sparks and soot due to the clean-burning, eco-friendly e-NRG bioethanol.

Fluid™ Concrete Technology

Our proprietary technology offers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products. Learn More

Convert an existing fireplace in minutes

Transforming an existing wood burning fire into a clean burning ethanol fireplace is easy. Simply attach the grate to a level platform with our easy fitting system and fill it with liquid bioethanol. Then sit back and relax.

Optional Sizes

The Grate Series is available in three sizes – the smallest, Grate 18 (with AB8 Burner), the Grate 30 (with XL500 Burner) and largest Grate 36 (XL700 Burner).

No Gas or Electricity

All the fuel is housed within the self-contained burner so you don’t have to run pipes or cables though your walls.

Technical Specifications


  • Weight 23.40kg [51.59lb]
  • Model Dimensions mm [in] L 914 [36] W 330 [13] H 156 [6.1]
  • Application Indoor
  • Materials Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Colours


Includes everything you need to easily operate and protect your investment for many years to come.

Fuel Efficiency

Volume Capacity
7 L
1.8 Gal
Heats on Average
Minimal Room
Thermal Output
13650 BTU/h
4 kW 14.50 MJ/h
Burn Time
7 Litres
* These values are indicative only and may vary depending on the model purchased, installation environment, and the composition of the e-NRG bioethanol sourced in each country.


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How do I fill my ethanol fireplace?

With EcoSmart Fire’s proprietary tools and procedures, filling your ethanol fireplace with e-NRG bioethanol fuel is fast and easy.

Step 1: Remove the bottle nozzle cap and carefully insert into the filling point

Step 2: Push and hold the green button. The nozzle will automatically stop filling once the reservoir is full.

Step 3: Replace the nozzle cap.

You can view a step-by-step filling video.

How does an ethanol fireplaces work?

EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplaces are self-contained, burning bioethanol fuel that is housed within the stainless steel container. A flame regulator controls and stabilizes the flame. With a designated filling area, and easy shut off mechanism, you can ignite the flame and turn it off in a matter of seconds. View this quick demonstration video to help illustrate the process.

Do ethanol fireplaces smell?

All heating appliances have their own smell be it gas, wood or electric - ethanol fireplaces are no different. e-NRG ethanol fuel is made of fermented plants like sugarcane or corn and is essentially a liquid alcohol. To safely make “de-natured” and unfit for consumption, substances have been added. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and when the flame is extinguished – similar to when you blow out a candle. e-NRG ethanol fuel is the only fuel recommended for your EcoSmart Fire ethanol fireplace. e-NRG ethanol fuel has the lowest odor and longest burn time on the market. The nice thing about using ethanol is that it’s not dry like gas or smokey like wood.

How long does it take to assemble?

There is virtually no assembly. Our Freestanding and Fireplace Grates ranges are designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position, and operated immediately. Our Fireplace Inserts are designed to slot into place, secured and built around with your preferred finish – again a quick and easy installation – so your builder or interior designer will love you!

The longest part of the setup process is trying to figure out where you want to place it – be sure it complies with our clearance requirements particularly with regard to moving objects like curtains, tree branches and so forth.

What happens if my order is damaged?

If your order is damaged, please contact us as soon as possible via [email protected] or phone us on 02 9997 3050 so that we may resolve for you. You have 7 days to notify of the damage.

Is their heat output similar to a gas heater?

Burning bioethanol is similar to gas, but the room doesn't dry out like it does with gas - a more gentle, softer heat is created. Heat-wise, it depends on the models being compared. Some of our bioethanol burners output 15,000 BTU and can heat up to 60sqm of living space. Bioethanol is not, however, on an adjustable thermostat. Some may be turned up and down, but you can't control the room temperature in the same way as you do with gas on mains

Is Bioethanol easily obtainable?

Yes, you can have fuel delivered to public and private premises in many countries - many hardware stores even stock it.

Can EcoSmart Fires be installed everywhere?

Almost everywhere! EcoSmart Fires cannot be installed into small rooms that are less than our minimum room size which is burner specific. For all other installations, you must comply with our compulsory clearances and installation instructions. Approval from building authorities may be required prior to installation in your area. Please make sure you contact appropriate parties before installing your EcoSmart Fire.

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