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An important notice
on COVID-19

Major Delays

We are experiencing major delays in fulfilment of e-NRG orders.

This is due to a spike in demand for ethanol / isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) which is the core ingredient used in making hand sanitiser.

It is important that you still place your order online today so that it can be shipped to you in sequence of order received as the demand for ethanol will remain strong during this crisis.

Orders that are placed online will be fulfilled on a rolling order basis. We are in the process of ramping up stock hold for our season as a priority.

Kindly note we will not be offering refunds for delayed fulfilment.

Additional Use - COVID-19

e-NRG is an F4 solution made from 99% ethanol (ethyl alcohol C2H50H) which has been denatured with 1% Tert-Butyl alcohol (TBA) which makes it an ideal disinfectant when mixed with water (70% ethyl alcohol / 30% water).

Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH) and 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol, (CH3)2CHOH) have similar disinfectant properties. They are active against vegetative bacteria, fungi, and lipid-containing viruses but not against spores.

Isopropyl alcohol (C3H8O), also known as rubbing alcohol, is an alcoholic mixture intended for external use as an antiseptic; it usually contains 70% by volume of absolute alcohol or isopropyl alcohol; the remainder consists of water, denaturants, and perfume oils.

Ethyl alcohol (70%) is a powerful broad-spectrum germicide and is considered generally superior to isopropyl alcohol.

Since alcohol is flammable, limit its use as a surface disinfectant to small surface-areas and use it in well-ventilated spaces only.

e-NRG (Ethyl alcohol F4 solution) could be used in homemade hand sanitiser recipes. Ethanol (F4 solution) on its own should never be used to disinfect hands since ethanol will cause dryness of the skin.

Here are some links you could use to assist in your research before purchasing e-NRG for other purposes:

Be kind and stay safe.

We'll do our very best to keep the flow of positive e-NRG coming your way.

e-NRG Team


Common Questions

  • COVID-19
  • Bioethanol
  • Safety
What are the ingredients of e-NRG?

We use an F4 solution for our e-NRG ethanol. It is made from 99% ethyl alcohol denatured with 1% Tert-Butyl Alcohol (TBA) as the additive to make it bitter and unpalatable for human consumption.

What else can e-NRG be used for during COVID-19?

Mixed with water (70% ethyl alcohol / 30% water) it makes an ideal disinfectant.

It could also be used as part of a recipe to make hand sanitisers but because it is 99% ethyl alcohol (not isopropyl alcohol) it must be diluted and mixed with appropriate ingredients for it not to cause dryness or irritation.

How would I use e-NRG Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol, C2H50H) as a disinfectant?

e-NRG is pure alcohol (99% ethyl alcohol + 1% BTA blend) which means you can also use e-NRG for disinfecting purposes.

Simply mix 70% e-NRG with 30% water in a bottle or spray bottle to create your own disinfecting solution. Pour a small amount onto a clean cloth to wipe down surfaces like benchtops, door handles, mobile phones and so on - please wear gloves so it doesn't dry your hands out and wipe up any spills immediately.

WARNING: Please note this is a flammable solution. Keep away from fire or flame or other sources of ignition.

Why is 70% percent alcohol better than a stronger solution?

Pure alcohol coagulates protein on contact. If 70 percent of alcohol is poured to a single celled organism, the diluted alcohol also coagulates the protein, but at a slower rate, so that it penetrates all the way through the cell before coagulation can block it.

What is Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H80)?

Isopropyl alcohol (C3H8O), also known as rubbing alcohol, is an alcoholic mixture intended for external use as an antiseptic; it usually contains 70% by volume of absolute alcohol or isopropyl alcohol; the remainder consists of water, denaturants, and perfume oils.

Can e-NRG be used to make hand sanitisers?

Because e-NRG is 99% ethyl alcohol yes, it could be used in hand sanitiser formulas however, because it is stronger than isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) it could also cause dryness and irritation depending on the other ingredients and the percentage of those used. We are not experts in hand sanitisers, please do your own research.

Is e-NRG bioethanol the same as gel fuel? Can I use gel fuel in my fire?

e-NRG is a liquid fuel and is NOT the same as gel fuels. Gel fuels have added thickening agents that can reduce the heat output and fuel efficiency. It can also leave sticky residue in the burner, which will eventually affect safe operation. Gel fuels are used only on burners specifically designed to use them. EcoSmart Fires are designed and manufactured to burn only e-NRG liquid ethanol. Other fuels, especially gels, are not recommended. In fact, the use of brands other than e-NRG voids the burner’s warranty.

Does e-NRG bioethanol smell?

Bioethanol has substances added to it in order for it to be labelled ‘de-natured’. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and will dissipate with time. There is also a slight odour once the flame is extinguished – similar to when you blow out a candle. This also dissipates into the air.

Does e-NRG bio ethanol burn yellow or blue?

e-NRG Bioethanol is formulated to consistently burn its signature bright orange colour so you get maximum enjoyment out of your ethanol burning fireplace.

Is this the same ethanol I can buy at gas stations?

No. The ethanol sold at gas stations is in no way similar to e-NRG.

What is the shelf life of e-NRG Fuel?

The shelf life is 3 years if kept in a tightly sealed container and in a cool, dry area (approx 20°C).

Is e-NRG safe to be stored inside?

Ethanol is a stable liquid that is safe to store indoors as long as it is kept away from an open flame. It is also safe to be kept in garages, utility rooms or other outdoor storage areas without any risk. In accordance with various global regulations, ethanol (100% alcohol) cannot be sold in its purest form to avoid human consumption. A bittering agent is added to the formula to prevent ingestion.

Is e-NRG safe to store in my home or workspace?

Yes. e-NRG is a stable fuel source and will not pose any safety threat as long as it is stored away from an open flame.

Can I roast marshmallows or perform other cooking procedures over the fire?

e-NRG has been formulated and tested for burning purposes only. EcoSmart does not condone e-NRG to be used for any purpose other than for recommended use within our burners.

Is it required that I use a jerry can to operate e-NRG or can I pour e-NRG directly into the burner?

Yes, we provide jerry cans, lighting rods and lighters with every burner because we want you to have the highest quality and safest experience possible when using our products. The jerry can ensures that you don’t splash ethanol when pouring or overfill the burner.

If you add the adaptor to the e-NRG bottle the Safety Spout can be connected to the bottle - only then can you use the e-NRG bottle to fill the burner. Filling from the bottle without an attached safety spout can result in serious injury.

Can other ethanol brands be used in place of e-NRG?

e-NRG is the only recommended fuel for use in EcoSmart Fires and use of other fuel brands will void the warranty. We have not worked with or tested other ethanol brands in conjunction with our burners and cannot speak to their performance or safety. Other brands can also leave residue or unsightly staining, and no one wants a dirty burner.

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